Entrepreneurs, close your eyes and fast forward to the end of this financial year and listen carefully. Your accountant just told you how much you made this year.

And you are so happy about it!


  • What was that number?

  • Write it down.

  • Circle it.

  • That's your number in the circle.


Corporate businesses have them and they're called sales targets or sales goals. Everything their sales teams do is to get to that target. It should be exactly the same for you as an entrepreneur. Even if you are the only person on your sales team.


What would you save it for? What would you spend it on?


I know how badly you want it. I also know that every day you work hard for it.

But there is a huge probability that you work hard on the wrong things.


You see, to get to the number in the circle you don't just need to work hard, you need to work specifically on certain things, and those things only.


You need to work on tasks, plans, and strategies that will get you to the number in the circle. Interested to learn more? I took this very business from startup to six figures in 5 months. In 2016 in Los Angeles, I came up with this number in the circle theory.

It worked for me and for over 165 entrepreneurs right here in the USA.


And that's how The Cottam Agency was created. It all started with a number in the circle and we can help you to do the same.

Sandra M


Whether you're filling a temporary or permanent space in your team or just need a little outside help for a project, outsourcing to us is an effective and efficient way to take advantage of our skill set and expertise.

Our team of 14 seriously talented individuals is 90% based in the USA and ready to help you hit your goals, under budget and on time!


From small project microsites (sales pitches and events) to full eCommerce sites, our priority is to help you accomplish your traffic conversion goals.

Book more appointments, close more sales, and build your subscriber list.

Your website cannot be DIY - or you'll attract wrong clients. DIY marketing will bring you price-centric clients who may not value your services and products.

A fresh set of eyes from a world-renowned marketing and revenue expert will show you new ways to make more money from more customers. Sandra Cottam McLemore has worked with the world's biggest brands to correct their marketing and improve their strategies.

Setup your session with Sandra today and watch your business get peeled back one layer at a time to expose a financial gem.

Once a month Sandra opens her office doors for you to come in and learn a smart skill or shortcut. The short video series is fantastically helpful no matter what stage of business you are at.


Additionally there quarterly group Power Sessions on offer that will change the way you look at your business forever.

It’s one thing to know how you want to start building your brand, it’s quite another to translate that into something visually appealing, highly engaging, and functional. Sandra's agency was able to take my ideas and improve on them to create a beautiful website (which I love) and help me set up the automated marketing I wanted for my funnels.

Being able to collaborate on the design and ideas with Sandra and her team was wonderful. Sandra’s patience was greatly appreciated, because I know I was a chore at times.

Her insights and ideas were also greatly appreciated and ever-so-welcome.

Mary E, Florida, USA

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