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There are two main reasons why large and busy companies hire us:

  1. Because they don't have enough time to reach their deadlines with the resources that they have

  2. Because they don't have the exact expertise within their team


Both of those are exactly the right reason to work with us. Whilst the majority of our clients are entrepreneurs building and scaling their own brands, our entire team once worked in corporate America. Some, for many years. We lived and breathed style guides and brand regulars, understood complex workplace dynamics and politics, and just like you, managed to make it work to hit our goals. We'd work 16 hour days, stretching resources beyond their means.


But today, in an age of remote workers, flexible teams, and adaptable hierarchies, outsourcing is the perfect way to ease the burden on your team and increase the quality and speed of your marketing and media tasks.


Schedule an appointment with Sandra today to discuss how we can be of service to your team. We'll listen to your needs and together work out if we're a good fit. If we are, we can send you a proposal of costings and service parameters and hopefully find a way to get you to your goals, on time and under budget.

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Book a complimentary call with Sandra Cottam McLemore
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